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How to Use Pinterest Analytics to Increase Engagement

Knowing how to read and understand your Pinterest Analytics is a key part of planning for success. Pinterest Analytics provides insight into your audience and top-performing content to inform your digital marketing strategy.SOMETHING TO NOTE: You can view in-depth Pinterest Analytics from a Business Account on Pinterest. If you do not currently have a Business account, you'll have to switch from Personal to Business to be able to view these metrics. This is the same for your Pin Planner account on PLANOLY! You can unlock additional analytics on Pin Planner with a linked Business Pinterest Account. And, once you've claimed your website along with your social accounts - Pinterest can then pull important analytics for you and your site! It's free to switch too!

We're covering four core areas in Pinterest Analytics:

  1. Overview - View organic, paid, and earned performance for all of your Pins
  2. Account Insights- Find how people on Pinterest are interacting and engaging with content
  3. Your Best Pins- Evaluate your most popular Pins to build your social media and content strategy for the months to come
  4. Audience Insights - Identify topics your audience is most interested in based on their Pinterest behavior and patterns

To start strategizing to grow your brand on Pinterest, begin by diving into your Analytics "Overview."

Pinterest Analytics Overview:

Pinterest Analytics Overview

To view your "Analytics Overview," click on "Analytics" at the top left and choose "Overview" to get started. The "Overview" subsection of Analytics helps you evaluate your Pin's performance for up to the last 90 days. To view what your audience is interacting with the most, you can filter your Top Pins by engagement.

Account Insights:

Your account insights sectionis the best way to identify how your audience is interacting and engaging with content that they are currently saving from your claimed accounts. It can show you all of the following: engagement rate, closeup rate, link click rate, and save rate. These rates will give you an overview of Pins your audience is engaging with. Under the Analytics Overview, this general account insights view will be the first thing you see. Adjust your date range on the left-hand side and then use the drop-down menu to access insights.The Top Pins section gives you an overview of your top-performing content on Pinterest. It shows you the number of impressions, engagements, close-ups, link clicks and saves that your best Pins are receiving. This helps you determine which Pins resonate with your audience and will help with strategizing additional ways to plan and share on your blog or website. Use the learnings from this section to determine key content types and topics to focus on within your marketing strategy.

Audience Insights

Pinterest Audience Insights

In addition to Overview, Analytics also provides Audience Insights help you evaluate which topics resonate with your audience based on their Pinterest patterns and behavior. To access your Audience Insights, click on "Analytics" at the top left and choose Audience Insights. This section allows you to view qualitative audience information, like categories and interests for the last 30 days. You can filter this information by the total audience and engaged audience. The image above reveals that the top category for this engaged audience is women's fashion. It also shows a breakdown of targeted interests, with dress being the top interest and jewelry, style, and women's bottoms coming second in the mix.

So what do you do with these learnings?

Being able to access and interpret your Pinterest Analytics can place you a step ahead when it comes to creating compelling content, mapping out a strategy, and elevating your brand! Once you determine top forming content, you can apply those learnings to which types of content (articles, images, graphics, etc) work best for your brand or business. You can also introduce and test different content themes to gauge what is leading to the most engagement. It's all about periodically analyzing your content and pivoting to best serve your audience and marketing goals!

To strategize on ways that you can use your insights to guide your Holiday Pin Planning Strategy, head to this blog post here, and for more Pinterest Tips + Tricks, and ways to maximize our new Pin Planner - go here!

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