Save Time Every Month with Content Ready for Your Instagram Grid

  • Plan a month's worth of content in advance by customizing your templates and scheduling them to auto-post using planoly

  • Receive caption starters that can be adjusted to your specific industry

  • Access hashtag suggestions to increase your reach

"Best thing I've purchased for my business this year."

Desiree, Small Business Owner
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Content That You Can Customize

  • Edit your templates on Canva

  • Personalize each template by adding your own photos

  • Adjust the colors to match your brand's style

$10 / month*

*billed annually or $13 month to month

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Grow Your Social Presence & Engagement by Posting Consistently

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How To Use Content Templates

  • Open PLANOLY’s Web Dashboard

  • Navigate to the Content Templates tab (Next to the Calendar tab)

  • Click on the collection and select the image you’d like to customize

  • In the caption box of the image, locate the text that reads: “YOUR TEMPLATE URL BELOW”

  • Copy and paste the URL into your browser

  • This will open your template in Canva (You own these templates so you are free to customize them any way you can imagine!)

  • Customize your caption and Whoo-hoo! You’re on your way to batching your next set of posts!

Frequently Asked Questions

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What will I receive every month as part of the subscription?
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What’s the cost of the subscription?
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Do I need a PLANOLY Account to access this service?
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Do I need to have an Instagram or Pinterest account linked to PLANOLY?  
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How do I customize the templates?