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PLANOLY's Ultimate Social Media Holiday Calendar is Here

The latest update to PLANOLY includes a social media holiday calendar with dates you need to plan your content right on our platform! If you're like us, it's a challenge to keep track of all the social media holidays. With the PLANOLY Social Calendar, you'll have access to upcoming social media holidays, global holidays, and upcoming events to strategically plan your content and tasks throughout the year! We've integrated the PLANOLY Social Calendar into both our mobile APP and web dashboard to make it easier than ever for you to plan for the months ahead.Yeah, those. Planning for National Donut Day or global Earth Day just got a lot more fun! Think of the social media holiday calendar dates as your personal sticky notes. You know, the ones that are all over your desk, vision board, and refrigerator? In addition to global and US holidays, you'll also see all PLANOLY related events, including our marketing webinars!

You'll be able to choose which types of events you want to view in your settings. The calendar dates will be color-coded based on categories, allowing you to easily distinguish between events and scheduled content. Along with the color-coded categories, each event will also include information that will help you further plan your content.

Social Calendar Dates Include the Following Information

Holiday Details: Here, you'll get the inside scoop about each of the social events on the calendar. For both holiday and non-holiday events, you'll see the history of the events, what the event is about, along with a short description.

Suggested Hashtags: In our suggested hashtags section, you'll see hashtags that are specific to that event that you'll be able to choose from. You'll also have the option at the bottom to COPY HASHTAGS TO CLIPBOARD – making it even easier for you to integrate them onto your holiday or event content!

PLANOLY Event Details & RSVP: View upcoming workshops, webinars, conferences, etc. You can RSVP directly through the calendar now! Grab your spot for all upcoming PLANOLY events to ensure that you're on the list.



  1. First, go to your PLANOLY dashboard on WEB
  2. Click on SETTINGS on the top right of your screen.
  3. A new Marketing Calendar Settings window will pop up. (Each event category will be color-coded in order for them to be easily distinguishable among the rest.)
  4. It will automatically be toggled on for PLANOLY events.
  5. Here, you can adjust the events you see by toggling on or off through the various categories on the Marketing Calendar Settings.
  6. You choose between a US, Global, PLANOLY Events view on the left-hand side of the window.
  7. And you can choose between Entertainment, Holidays, and Other on the right-hand side of your screen.
  8. NOTE: When you click on PLANOLY Events you will have the options to choose between the following: Webinars
  9. Once you've toggled to update your settings, you can click SAVE on the bottom right corner, and they will now appear on your PLANOLY Social Calendar!

You can also access your calendar settings by clicking into a specific event on the Calendar View. Once you've clicked into an event, click on MANAGE, and you will then be directed back to your Marketing Calendar Settings to make any preference adjustments.

PLANOLY Pro Tip: Your calendar settings apply to each users' logins. If you have multiple users on the account, each teammate can tailor their own calendar settings. For example, if one teammate can set up entertainment holidays, while the other may choose to view all holidays on their calendar view.How to View Details or RSVP to PLANOLY Events

  1. Toggle to choose PLANOLY Events so that they appear within your calendar view.
  2. Click SAVE to make the changes.
  3. On your calendar view click into any PLANOLY Event. (All PLANOLY Events will have a grayed out border.)
  4. Once you've clicked into the event, you will see The Details – along with where to RSVP! This makes it easier for you to plan your calendar around our various workshops, conferences, panels, webinars, and more!


  1. Go to your PLANOLY app on your mobile device.
  2. Tap on the Calendar icon on the bottom of your screen.
  3. Here you'll notice that settings will already be toggled 'ON' for PLANOLY Events and you can now view them on your calendar!
  4. To adjust your Social Calendar Settings, simply tap on the Settings icon on the top left corner of your screen.
  5. Here you can choose between a view of Global, US, or PLANOLY Events.
  6. Tap into each one to adjust your settings and toggle them on or off of your calendar view.
  7. If you tap on Global & US, it will direct you to choose between Entertainment, Holidays, & Other.
  8. If you tap on PLANOLY Events, you'll have the option to choose between Webinars and either toggle them on or off.
  9. You can adjust your PLANOLY Social Calendar settings at any time!
  10. Use these holidays and events to map out your content strategy for the year ahead.

PLANOLY Pro Tip: You can also RSVP for all PLANOLY Events directly through the app! Simply tap on any PLANOLY event on your calendar view and then tap where it says LEARN MORE. Here you'll see a quick description for the event along with a spot to RSVP NOW at the bottom. Once you tap on RSVP NOW, you'll be directed to the link for our event!

We can't wait for you to get started with our new PLANOLY Social Calendar to stay on top of fun social media holidays throughout the year and RSVP to PLANOLY events. We have a feeling that you'll love it just as much as we do!

PLANOLY's Ultimate Social Media Holiday Calendar is Here
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PLANOLY's Social Calendar is finally here! Never forget another date with our all-encompassing integrated social media holiday calendar.

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