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Here's How You Sellit

What is Sellit?

Sellit is PLANOLY’s answer to the complications of modern eCommerce. This is a unique solution that allows you to turn your social media followers into customers through a link in your bio. You’ll be able to reap the benefits of a social storefront without the hassle of websites, expensive hosting costs, or hiring freelancers. We made Sellit for the small business owners that need to set up shop with minimal startup costs and little to no staff.

Your customers will be able to click “buy links” within your digital storefront to purchase products or services within seconds. They won’t be redirected to a website or another webpage. They’ll be able to purchase your products or services right then and there, without ever leaving your social media page.

This one-of-a-kind digital storefront simplifies your social marketing by making your Instagram content shoppable. And best yet, it’s easy to create!

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How Do You Sellit?

Sellit is easy to create and even easier to use. Essentially, Sellit transforms a single link into a digital storefront for your followers to view a shoppable version of your Instagram GRID. They can window shop to view your PRODUCTS and services and quickly purchase anything they like from that link without being redirected to another page.

You’ll be able to select which Instagram posts appear on your GRID view and tag products or link out to other URLs. You can upload images of physical products, digital products, services, or any else that you’d like to display in your digital storefront.

To manage that storefront, you can set up a payment system managed through Stripe or use your own for your products. There’s also an option for you to create custom widgets to embed in emails or websites and view your storefront’s analytics. It’s never been easier to track your data!

How to Create Your Sellit Storefront

Sellit was designed to ensure ease and simplicity for all who use it. For Sellit storefront owners, we made sure that the setup process was quick and easy. Our goal was to allow you the ability to get your products to market quickly and efficiently. Because your Sellit storefront should operate on your timeline, not ours.

Now, let’s dive into how you can set up your Sellit storefront in under minutes. Watch our tutorial or read on!

First things first, you’ll need a paid PLANOLY account to reap the full benefits of sellit (view paid PLANOLY options here). Once you’ve logged into your PLANOLY account, simply click on the linkit page on the to. You will then be prompted to reauthorize your Instagram account linked to your PLANOLY account before getting started.

Note: If you already use PLANOLY, you will see linkit when you log onto your desktop. Linkit is a free feature available to all PLANOLY users. Compared to Sellit, Linkit is a limited version that includes adding buttons and tagging URLs onto your Instagram posts. For access to Sellit and it’s full eCommerce features, you’ll have to upgrade.

Once you’ve selected the Sellit tab, you’ll see a few Tabs to your left: STORE tab, PRODUCTS tab, ANALYTICS tab, and the PAYMENTS tab. Let’s start with the STORE tab:

After clicking the Sellit tab, start by adding a description of your business. Just below your Instagram profile name, you’ll find the +add description button. Click here and a new window will open allowing you to ADD A DESCRIPTION FOR YOUR STORE with a brief summary of your store and/or its contents.

When you click on ADD LINK, you have the option to customize the button and include a URL for any website. This is optional! No website, no problem. That’s why we created Sellit.

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How to Add Products to Your Sellit Store

Adding products to your digital storefront is how you’re going to Sellit. You’ll need images of the products or services that you want to sell so your store has a visual guide.

Start by heading to the panel on the left side and selecting PRODUCTS. Here, you’ll have an option to add or import a list of products or services.

Click on ADD PRODUCT where you can upload images of products or services for sale, and include information like your product’s name, description, price in any currency, and any identifiers – such as the product’s SKU.  

Next, you’ll click on ADD PRODUCT IMAGE. There you'll then be able to SELECT A SOURCE from My Computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive. Once you’ve selected an image. Then you can Add a product name, Add a product description, use the arrow up and down to select your price and currency, and then add SKU.

Below this, you’ll see your BUY NOW BUTTON SETTINGS. This allows you to select where you want your shop visitors to buy your product. You can select the LINK TO A WEBSITE option to direct your customers to a specific website or URL to purchase the product.

You can also select the ACCEPT PAYMENTS VIA STRIPE option to allow your customers to purchase this product directly through Sellit storefront, powered by Stripe.

When you click on START ACCEPTING PAYMENTS, you’ll be redirected to set up your account with Stripe. With your banking account info handy, your payment system will be set up and enabled. Click on SAVE PRODUCT when you’re done.

That’s it! Now you’re ready to Sellit! For the very first time, you’ll have the ability to measure the success of your social media marketing from a commerce standpoint. Sellit allows you to know exactly how many people view your digital storefront and click through your products.

You can quickly identify consumer behavior, pinpoint emerging trends, and use social media–for the first time ever–as a true replacement for a website.

So are you ready to Sellit? Get started today by setting up your Sellit digital storefront for the first and only time! 

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Creating your sellit digital storefront is an easy and seamless process that will simplify your digital marketing forever and for the better.

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