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PLANOLY: An Official Instagram Partner

We're thrilled to announce that Planoly has been accepted into the Instagram Partner program. This is a highly-coveted position in the digital space and we are very honored to step into this role. We feel right at home as an Instagram Partner and feel lucky to have a seat at the table with so many like-minded businesses and counterparts.

What Does It Mean to Be an Instagram Partner?

Instagram Partners are hand-picked companies by Instagram to help other businesses and individuals grow even more on the platform. This partnership program was created to help brands and advertisers to find various technology partners and/or collaborators that can help them get further on Instagram and amplify their digital strategies. Instagram recognized that other companies were tapping into significant technology that can be used hand-in-hand with the platform. They sought out to create this partnership program in order to solve a variety of business challenges in a productive way, while also cultivating a community.

Who Does It Benefit?

An Instagram Partner is meant to assist in growing the success of businesses of all sizes on the platform. They do this by supplementing and simplifying Instagram's marketing features that are already in place.

"Instagram gives brands a powerful platform to drive consumer awareness and action, and to reach new, qualified audiences," says Laura O'Shaughnessy, co-founder, and CEO of Instagram Partner SocialCode. "Since becoming an Instagram Partner, we've helped more than 40% of our client advertisers launch Instagram campaigns driving their objectives."

Planoly: An Official Instagram Partner

How to Utilize PLANOLY as a Business

As a business in the digital era, it is important to make sure that your social media strategy is seamless from the planning phase, execution, and community management. PLANOLY ensures that your business can make the best of its online presence, as Instagram is prime real estate for digital marketers, influencers, and businesses of all sizes. PLANOLY encourages social media teams to ensure that their feeds look cohesive from every post that is added, and elevating their content with each post, from visuals right down to on-brand copy. With PLANOLY's easy to use visual planner that allows you to drag and drop photo or video content on the mobile app or desktop along with adding user-generated content from the Discover tab, PLANOLY allows content creators to plan out how their grid is going to look ahead of time, make sure it's on-brand, and work more efficiently. Once the content is scheduled to go live, brands are able to engage immediately with the audience easily from the PLANOLY mobile app or desktop and track conversations that can often be lost in the influx of incoming comments.

While posting content may seem like the most important part of social media, community management is also critical to ensuring that your brand maintains a strong online presence/community, and PLANOLY's comment management lets you do just that and implement effective customer service right from your Instagram feed. From highlighting important comments that need to be addressed, marking comments as read from IG posts, and tracking new incoming comments from recent and older posts, PLANOLY lets you look at all your comments in a more organized layout than having to go back to the Instagram app and trying to find comments to refer to. Community management simplified. From there, brands are able to track their best performing content and create new content based on those stats to continue posting top performing and engaging content that best represent their brand message. From every angle, Planoly makes creating and implementing your social media strategy 10x easier for you and your team.

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We're excited to announce that we are now an official Instagram partner! We feel lucky to be included among other great partners and entrepreneurs!

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