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New Instagram Feature: Lyrics in Instagram Stories

There's a new Instagram feature out there, and we're spilling the beans with everything that you need to know! Last week, Instagram launched a new 'Lyrics in Instagram Stories' feature. This new feature allows you to now layer on lyrics within your content on IG Stories! It's essentially a new way of singing along or showcasing your favorite song lyrics to the music that you're uploading onto your Stories.

Here's A Quick 3 Step How-To:

  • STEP 1: Go to Stories by selecting the camera icon at the top of your IG screen, just as if you're adding a new story.
  • STEP 2: Choose 'Music' from the bottom menu, select your song, and drag the music bar to your desired lyric section within the song.
  • STEP 3: Directly above the song, you'll see a new button for Lyrics options, and you can even choose different fonts! (as seen above) Here you can customize the lyrics by changing the font style, changing the color (via the color wheel at the top), and updating the lyric view.

This new feature is easy to use and so much fun to integrate within your content. We love a great song moment, and this addition makes for another exciting twist to our Instagram Stories. We hope you enjoy getting creative with this new feature!

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And for more articles on this new feature, you can check out the following: Tech CrunchGadgets 360

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Do you want to add more spice to your IG Stories? Lyrics are now available for IG Stories! We'll show you how you can use this feature in your Stories.

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