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The Benefits of Using a Paid PLANOLY Account

We often get this question from our users... "What are the benefits of having a paid plan on PLANOLY?". While we do offer a free plan, to unlock the full potential of creating a social marketing strategy with PLANOLY, we recommend a paid plan. In this blog post, we'll explain everything you need to know about the difference between all of our plan options, so you can be better equipped to choose the plan that’s right for you. 

Before we jump in, I think it’s worth mentioning a few key features that all PLANOLY users have access to. With any PLANOLY plan, you will have access to auto-posting content - with one big caveat - Instagram requires you to have a Business Account to be eligible to auto-post. As a PLANOLY user on any plan, you will be able to visually plan your Instagram content, utilize our integrated social calendar for key holidays, events, and content inspiration, import content directly from Canva & more. One other big benefit of using PLANOLY is that you have access to our free link in bio tool, Linkit. You can create a visual gallery of all your posts and drive traffic to your website, blog, or another landing page online.

Now that you know some of the key features in PLANOLY, let’s dive into the different plan options.

Upgrade Your PLANOLY Account


The Personal Plan is our FREE plan and is a great option if you’re still trying to understand if the platform is a fit for your brand or business. That said - there are some limitations worth noting that could limit your experience. The Personal Plan has a limit of 30 uploads (not scheduled posts) per month that resets the 1st of each month. Uploads include anything added to your planning grid from any source. Personal Plans are also limited because you can only plan image content. If video is part of your content strategy, you may want to consider a paid plan. Lastly, the Personal Plan will only allow you to link 1 social profile - either Instagram or Pinterest. This can limit the reach of your content since other channels like Facebook and Twitter could increase your brand awareness. One other key component of the Personal Plan is Analytics. To access analytics, you will need an Instagram Business or Creator Account. The Personal Plan includes basic analytics, so you can track your post performance over time. 


If you’re just getting your business or brand started, the Starter Plan could be a great fit. The Starter Plan is just $11.25 per month if billed annually or $13 month to month. One social set is included in this plan, which means you can link a Pinterest & Instagram. Plus, you can edit & share your content from Instagram to Facebook and Twitter. This plan includes 1 user, meaning 1 login on PLANOLY to manage your content planning. With the Starter Plan, you will be able to upload up to 60 pieces of content per month - including images and videos. An additional perk of any paid plan is our Quick Schedule feature, where you save frequently used posting times to quickly reuse in the future. In addition to Quick Schedule, we offer 'Best Time to Post', which gives suggested times when your audience is online to maximize reach. You're also able to respond to Instagram post comments instantaneously from your laptop using our Comment Management Tool for the fifteen latest posts. For Instagram & Pinterest, you will have access to Basic and Advanced Analytics, so you can track post-performance and learn more about your audience - where they’re located and other demographics. 


If you are starting to gain some momentum with your brand or business, the Growth Plan is a great option. This is our most popular plan and is a great way to collaborate with others on your content. The primary difference between the Starter and Growth plan is that you will get 3 user logins, meaning 3 team members can access, plan and schedule content for your social channels. Another key differentiation is that with the Growth Plan you will have unlimited uploads - meaning there’s no need to worry about maxing out each month on uploads. The Growth Plan is $20 per month if billed annually or $23 month to month.


The Professional Plan is our most robust plan and is great for agencies or individuals managing multiple brands or businesses. The primary difference between the Growth and Professional plan is that you will get 2 social sets, meaning 2 Instagram & 2 Pinterest accounts, plus you will have the ability to repurpose Instagram content for Facebook & Twitter and schedule simultaneously. The other main difference is that you will have 6 user logins, meaning 6 team members can collaborate to plan and schedule content for your social channels. The Professional Plan starts at $36.50 per month if billed annually or $43 month to month.

You now know the ins and outs of the various plans. It’s worth noting that you can customize each plan to fit your needs. You can easily add additional social sets or users to any plan to make the most out of PLANOLY

If you’re still unsure if it makes sense to invest in a paid PLANOLY account, you can always sign up for a free 7-day trial and try out all of our features. For additional questions about our plans and which one is the best fit for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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The Benefits of Using a Paid PLANOLY Account
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