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Clubhouse App: What is it and is it Worth the Investment?

Let’s get down to business. What is Clubhouse, and why are all your cool friends on it? Well, the answer is simple— they’re cooler than you. Just kidding . . . maybe. But if you haven’t heard about Clubhouse quite yet, then you’re about to. 

What do Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok all have in common? Each of these apps is distinguishable from one another, and so is Clubhouse. Clubhouse is the first social platform to be exclusively audio-only, but you know what’s almost as exclusive as their audio component? Getting an invitation to join. Despite the app’s exclusivity, it’s managed to create much buzz surrounding its “clubs” and “rooms,” even having major internet personalities like Elon Musk and Kanye West lead record-breaking conversations on the app.  Yes, you heard that right. Elon Musk and Kanye West are thought leaders on the platform, but before we dive into that, let’s dig into everything Clubhouse and whether it's worth begging a random cool friend for an invite. 

What is Clubhouse and Should You Invest Your Time? 

The breakout social network described as “a new type of network-based off of voice” is the latest social network to hit the mainstream. But, what’s its claim to fame? A big portion is its exclusive access. Much like a real clubhouse, you need an invitation to join. 

The app, while currently only available to iOS users, cultivated enough buzz during its launch phase that major players like Elon Musk caught wind. He broke Clubhouse room limits during a very on-brand conversation around memes and space exploration.

Clubhouse Lingo 101 – A Glossary of Terms

Naturally, the app has its own language and lingo, and just like anything too cool for normies, there's hardly any information about them on the app's spare beta website. But, don't worry. We compiled a quick study guide with all the terms to know before your first day of Clubhouse.  

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 If you thought deciphering  👁 👄 👁 was hard, Clubhouse slang might have you beat. The app is a lot like a conference. So, start by picturing yourself at a big convention center. Rooms are like panels or breakout sessions at a conference with groups of people discussing various things. After browsing through the scheduled conference events (hallway), you make your rounds and pop into the room that captures your interest and makes you feel most comfortable. Well, that’s a lot like Clubhouse, one big conference with a $4 billion valuation

Is the party worth it? Only time will tell, but for now, we think if you’re on Twitter, TikTok, or Instagram already looking for the latest social network and pop culture updates or viral trends, then you should seriously consider joining Clubhouse. 

Why Clubhouse is so Popular 

If we know anything about social networking apps, it's that they’re extremely competitive with one another. Last year, everyone’s focus was on TikTok. And not to be outshined by a newcomer, every other platform seemed to follow suit. Instagram launched Reels, YouTube rolled out Shorts and Snapchat added several TikTok-like features to its platform. With Clubhouse on the rise, it's safe to say 2021 and beyond will be heavily focused on audio. 

Apps that were almost primarily text-based are trying out audio including Twitter and Reddit. Instagram beefed up its live feature, offering Live Rooms which can feature up to four people at a time. Audio-focused features could be a symptom of our COVID-era times or perhaps a complete behavioral switch. Gen Z and Millennials are both major users of Facetime and voice recordings via iMessage. It could also be that audio is more inclusive of audiences with differing abilities with its departure from visual-based content. 

Who is on the Platform and How to Join 

To join Clubhouse, you’ll need an invitation. If you haven't already received one, you can tap one of your friends already on the app to help get you an invite. Each member can send two invites upon arrival, so once you join, share the wealth by inviting coworkers and friends looking to join valuable conversations. 

So, what are these valuable conversations we speak of? Major brands, public figures and leading media outlets are all on the app, hosting exclusive conversations you'd likely only get with a $$$ press badge. Oprah, Mark Zuckerberg, Milk Bar and Politico are just a few names on the app. 

Bringing your brand to the app has a ton of opportunities especially during this exponential stage of growth and popularity. Lean into this unique space, and make connections as they come. 

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How to Utilize Clubhouse Content for Your Channels

Once you’re on Clubhouse, can you utilize any of the learnings for your primary social channels? 100% yes. It's a great way to garner insights for informational content, and you can be a part of the conversation. 

  • Turn your learnings into content - Summarize your key takeaways from each room and use it to make infographics and graphics for your other channels. Note: Don’t forget to credit the source. 
  • Network with other creators - Clubhouse is still in its infancy, meaning many people who work in media worth connecting with are on the app. Use this as an opportunity to participate in conversations based on your niche and follow them on social media. 
  • Join exclusive conversations - Next-level industry leaders are on the app. Listen to their meaningful and knowledgeable conversations to create a dialogue on your other channels. 

Even if you're not looking to become a major player on Clubhouse, it's always beneficial to have a pulse on the latest in social media and culture. How will you interact with Clubhouse?  

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