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How Brands Can Join & Use the TikTok Creator Marketplace

What is the TikTok Creator Marketplace? 

The TikTok Creator Marketplace is an official collaboration platform designed by TikTok to facilitate partnerships between creators and brands. Think about it as the UpWork or Indeed of the TikTok brand deal space. Brands can use the marketplace for both paid and reward-based campaigns. 

When you invite an influencer to your campaign, you should include the following info:

  • Campaign name
  • Brand and collaboration details
  • A proposed rate
  • Your contact information

The creators you find can create organic content promoting your brand's products and services and share it with their audience, giving your brand a boost in reach, engagement, and sales.

Why You Should Join the TikTok Creator Marketplace

Creators use the marketplace to find partnership opportunities, online collaboration tools, and tips for creating advertiser-friendly videos for brands. 

As a result, brands can use the marketplace to find creators to partner with. Choose your campaign’s intent, then sift through the list of creators using filters like location, audience reach, average content views, and more. 

When you find a creator you like, you get access to a detailed list of their audience demographics, past content performance, and core metrics statistics. The platform even provides an overview of how each creator’s past campaigns performed. 

This can transform the success of your campaigns, as you can decide the content type based on what performs best for the creator’s audience.

The Creator Marketplace also gives you first-party data access through the TikTok Creator Marketplace API. The API unlocks the ability to track your campaign’s performance live so that you can make the necessary adjustments, create custom reports, and maximize ROI by informing your campaigns. 

How Brands Can Join 

If you already have a TikTok Ads Manager account, you can log in to the TikTok Creator Marketplace through Ads Manager. If you don’t, simply head to the TikTok creator Marketplace and create an account. You’ll need to input basic information like your name, business email, phone number, etc. then click the link in your email to verify your account. 

After creating your account, customize it by adding your brand information, social media links, logo, etc.

And with that, you’re ready to start browsing the marketplace to find the creator that aligns best with your audience’s interests. Brands can invite creators to collaborate, follow them, and leave comments on their videos through the platform. 

What to Expect from TikTok’s Creator Marketplace

To join the marketplace, TikTok creators must meet the following criteria:

  • Have more than 100k followers
  • Posted at least 3 videos in the last 28 days
  • Be over the age of 18
  • Received at least 100k video likes in the last 28 days

Here's a quick video breakdown. 

When brands use the TikTok Creator Marketplace, they narrow the field of influencers to those who are vetted and meet their criteria. It streamlines the process of finding the right creator. Additional pros: you get a transparent view of the creator’s past performance and current analytics, as well as real-time campaign analytics once you start a partnership.

On the flip side, some accounts shared after joining the Creator Marketplace they saw a decline in video views, which is why it's always a best practice to analyze and experiment when it comes to sharing content on TikTok.  

The general consensus is that while the Creator Marketplace is super beneficial to brands, it might be hurting some creators’ views. The jury is still out on that theory, though.

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The TikTok Creator Marketplace is a great place to connect with creators. In this post, we explore the marketplace, how to join, and its pros and cons.

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