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3 TikTok Bio Best Practices and Tips

What’s in a TikTok bio? A lot! How you create your TikTok bio can help or hurt you in getting more follower. In this article we will go over the best practices for writing a top performing TikTok bio. 

TikTok bio, like on other social media apps, is your first chance to make a strong impression. With each post, you don’t have time or space to give people a long introduction about who you are, what you do or sell as well as convince them why they should follow you on TikTok. This is where your bio comes in to do the heavy lifting. 

Social media account bios are essentially a resource center for your followers to learn enough about you that they want to follow you. The trick is you have very limited space (only 80 characters on TikTok) to make a lasting impression. For this reason, at a minimum, your bio should share the most important information about you and have a link that either links to a link tree/ website/ or event you are currently promoting. However, when it comes to links in your bio, TikTok is not like the others. TikTok bios don’t allow for linking to your content grid, though you can insert a URL in the bio.

Now that you are convinced your social media bio needs to be constructed with purpose, let’s take a look at five of the best practices for best performing bios.

#1: Have a Strong Photo

If your brand logo is hard to read in the small space provided for profile pics on TikTok, consider either a variation of the logo or a relevant photo. When using a photo, make sure the resolution is high and the photo is crisp and clean. Like a busy logo a busy photo will also not make a strong first impression. 

  #2: Choose Your Words Carefully

TikTok allows for 80 characters (which includes spaces and symbols) in a bio. Consider the text of your bio an extension of your photo and profile name. Don’t repeat what has already been said or shown, elaborate. This also isn’t a formal writing assignment submission, so it is ok to do away with a lot of words and use acronyms. 

#3: Provide More with a Link

Since you have such a small space to make a lasting first impression, you want to make sure and include a link to your website or wherever else you want to drive traffic. Make the link short and easily clickable. 

  #4: Highlight Your Interests

Your Bio should let people know what you are interested in so they can anticipate the type of entertaining content you will be sharing. If you have a lot going on, pick the top two and focus on those so you can make the most of the small space provided.

  #5: Get People Engaged

Having a strong bio also includes driving some action. Whether you are asking people to follow you on another social platform or visit your website, make it clear how you want to connect and keep the conversation going.

TikTok bios are a great way to let people know who you are and what you are all about. The key is to have fun and get creative with your bio so people will follow you and eagerly await your next video. And remember, authenticity is key! You don’t have to be right for everyone, but for those you do speak to, they want the real deal! 

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Allie Teegardin

Allie Teegardin is a contributing writer at PLANOLY. As a writer, adjunct professor, and baker, she makes sure to add value to whatever she creates.

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Best Practices

How you create your TikTok bio can help or hurt you in getting more followers on TikTok. Learn best practices for the best performing TikTok bio.

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