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PLANOLY Edit & Share: Customize Content for Each Channel

At PLANOLY, we are so excited to announce our latest feature, edit & share. Located in the IG Planner section of PLANOLY, edit & share is a paid feature that allows you to customize and share your auto-posting content to additional social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. In this post, we’ll walk you through the key things to understand how to make the most of this feature:

  • The importance of customizing content for each social channel
  • Why we’re excited about edit & share (& why you should be too!)
  • How to use edit & share
  • Who can access edit & share
  • Why media type matters when using edit & share
  • What else to know about edit & share

The Importance of Customizing Content for Each Social Channel

One of the biggest opportunities we see is for all users to customize content for each of their social channels. While it may be tempting to use the same caption and image for each social channel, not each social channel is created equally. Each has its own demographic and recommended content strategies. For instance, a scrappy image may work really well on Twitter but not so much on Instagram. It’s always worth tailoring the image, caption, and overall strategy for each piece of content for every social platform.

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Why We’re Excited about Edit & Share

Edit & share is a feature all about simplifying your social strategy and saving you time. It allows you to be more strategic when sharing to different platforms as you can customize the imagery and captions for each specific channel. It also makes it more discreet that you're using a social planning platform to share or plan content. Think of this feature as your perfect 3-in-1 solution: You can 1) plan, 2) customize, and 3) share content to multiple social channels  – all in PLANOLY. You no longer need to jump from app to app to schedule your social content for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 

Here’s What You Can Do with Edit & Share:

  • Customize the media for each channel so you can include a tailored image 
  • Customize the captions for each channel to tailor your messaging
  • Plan & schedule content in one platform so you don’t have to jump from platform to platform
  • Add or remove hashtags
  • Add links when sharing to Facebook & Twitter

How to Use Edit & Share

Curious on how to exactly use edit & share? Our online learning center, PLANOLY Academy, shows you how to use it on both our mobile app and web dashboard. 

Mobile App:

Web Dashboard:

Who Can Access Edit & Share

Edit & share is only available for users with paid plans who have authenticated their PLANOLY account with a Facebook Business page. Free and paid users with Creator and Personal accounts won’t be able to use edit & share at this time.

Why Media Type Matters When Using Edit & Share

Edit & share can be used when you have auto-posting enabled for your Instagram content. This means the media you upload when using edit & share also needs to meet the requirements and limitations of auto-posting. When it comes to auto-posting, there are only certain types of media, sizes, resolutions, and video lengths that can be uploaded. 

Need a reminder? 

Here are some auto-posting requirements and limitations that are helpful to keep in mind: 

  • Only available for Instagram Business accounts 
  • Can only auto-post image, GIFs, and video grid posts
  • Carousel posts and stories are not eligible due to Instagram’s limitations
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What Else Should I Know about Edit & Share

The more you know ahead of time, the better! Here’s some helpful information to keep in mind before or when you’re using edit & share:

  • Auto-posting for Instagram must be enabled before using edit & share, which you can do in your settings on your web dashboard
  • You’ll need to grant PLANOLY access to your Facebook page and Twitter account, which you can do when you first use edit & share
  • Free and paid users with Creator and Personal accounts won’t be able to use edit & share. Only paid users with Business accounts can access edit & share
  • All content you share will be posted at the same time and day
  • At this time, you can only share a single media when sharing to Twitter and Facebook
  • When swapping out media for Twitter and Facebook, image content can only be uploaded when auto-posting an unscheduled post with image content. Video content can only be uploaded when auto-posting an unscheduled post with video content

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