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New Instagram Update Makes Account Type More Important Than Ever

Instagram has a way of always keeping us on our toes when it comes to their frequent updates and changes! The latest in Instagram news is a change in how the platform allows third parties to gain access to certain types of data on their accounts. Accounts classified as Personal on Instagram will now have limited features when using third-party tools like PLANOLY. Because PLANOLY is an official Instagram Partner, you will always have the most up to date features on our platform. If you already have a Business or Creator account type on Instagram, you're good to go and don't need to read any further! You will continue to enjoy all the same features and insights both on Instagram and PLANOLY.

What's Changing?

Instagram is now limiting access to data for Instagram accounts that are not a Business or Creator account on its platform. If you currently have a Personal Instagram account only, you will see a disruption in the way that you access your insights on PLANOLY within the following areas:


  • PLANOLY Analyze features will be unavailable for Personal Instagram accounts.
  • You will no longer be able to view likes and comments within your calendar or grid view.


  • You will no longer be able to view likes and comments when tapping on published posts.
  • Personal accounts will no longer have access to PLANOLY Analyze.

What Does This Mean For You?

Due to the new changes on Instagram, it's vital for users to switch to a Business or Creator account to continue to have access to specific PLANOLY features, like auto-posting or insights. The best news is that it's completely FREE to switch to a Business or Creator account on Instagram – providing more access into metrics and data on your PLANOLY account too! Switching to a Business or Creator account is beneficial when growing and building your brand. A Business account will allow you to dive deeper into your analytics and help you better tailor content for your audience."With an Instagram business profile, you can see real-time metrics on how your stories and promoted posts perform, get insights into how followers are interacting with your content, and unlock features available only to businesses that make it easier to get noticed and drive sales." - Facebook

PLANOLY Pro Tip: In order to have access to even more analytics, you will have to upgrade your PLANOLY account, and those charges may apply. Only paid plans have full access to PLANOLY Analyze.

Learn the many benefits that come from switching to a Business account on Instagram.(Check out this previous blog post to read more: The Benefits of Switching to an Instagram Business Profile) Here's a breakdown of the ways switching to a Business or Creator profile can maximize the capabilities you'll have access to within your PLANOLY experience.

Business or Creator Profile Capabilities on PLANOLY:

Instagram Creator Profile

  • Uploading, Planning, and Scheduling
  • PLANOLY ShopLink Availability
  • Data Analytics on Published Posts
  • Ability to View and Respond back to Comments

Instagram Business Profile (Preferred)

  • Uploading, Planning, Scheduling, and Auto-Posting
  • PLANOLY ShopLink Availability
  • Data Analytics on Published Posts
  • Ability to View and Respond back to Comments
  • Auto-Post Single Images and Videos, and Carousel Image Posts
  • User and Location Tagging
  • Auto-Post Instagram Posts to your linked Facebook Business Page

So What Happens If You Don't Switch to a Business or Creator Account?

You will still have access to your PLANOLY account, but you will be asked to re-enter your Instagram credentials and log back in. You can go on using PLANOLY as before – the only difference will be that you will no longer have access to any analytics.We hope that this post helps you better understand the changes that are happening to every third party Instagram platform beyond PLANOLY. To learn more on how to switch to a Business account on Instagram, and how to check to see which account you have, head to the link below:

Check Instagram Account TypeSwitching to a Business IG account

PLANOLY is an official Instagram Partner. The PLANOLY mobile app and web platform simplifies social media marketing by allowing you to visually plan, schedule, and analyze your Instagram and Pinterest content.

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