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New Grid, New You: Creative Ways to Revamp Your Instagram Grid in the New Year

Are you ready for what's to come in the new decade? In a matter of weeks, we'll all collectively step foot into a New Year. From one viewpoint, wrapping your mind around the next decade seems daunting. Yet, on a micro-level, the proper approach to such a journey begins with reflective motivation. Championing yourself before bearing the weight of new challenges allows you to find fuel in past achievements. Because let's be honest: stepping into a new decade isn't as much about where you're going as it is taking pride in how far you've already come. There's also nothing wrong with strategizing change for 2020. Perhaps a social media refresher is also in order. We've compiled a list of simple yet effective ways to revamp your Instagram grid for the impending New Year. Achieving lofty future goals starts now.

New Grid Who Dis?

Focus on a central theme - Anyone who comes across your feed should have a clear understanding of what you're passionate about. If you're a fashion blogger, lock in on style-centric imagery and captions that will dig deep with a fashion audience. Get funky with the grid - Stagger your posts in waves of three, or six, or nine. Whether they're vertical or horizontal images, create a visual narrative using the space at your disposal. Go Hollywood - Most films have three acts. Enhancing your Instagram grid works the same way. Act out photo sets in waves of three. This offers a way to showcase more of your products, art, or captivating imagery. Followers appreciate a grid that inspires. Personalize Your Content - Hashtagging and geotagging are foundational methods towards greater Instagram visibility and ranking. One way to enhance the former is by creating a personal hashtag for all your content. Create a label to unique to you and your experiences and use it in every post. It's an easy way for your followers to view more from a specific series or campaign, and it adds individuality to your personal brand.

Lean into Color

Although Instagram's algorithm isn't exactly public, over the last few years, it's been made clear that it finds importance in color. Systematically color-coding your grid to display a vibrant Pantone is an underrated stimulant for your audience. Think of trending neutrals or lush shades – like yellow or pale pink – and layer in a gradient fade. It will help your page stand out among the masses. The upcoming band of consumers, Gen Z, is reshaping the grid with grungier, less "perfect" looking images. However, no aesthetic is still aesthetic. Keep your audience top of mind while picking a new filter or developing a new look.

Zoom in On Video Content

Instagram has been steadfast in promoting video content since unveiling IGTV in 2018. This year, they've thrown even more weight behind video – as should you. Generating a higher page ranking requires consistent and compelling video content. Much of this can be done through posting consistent IG Stories. However, posting videos on your grid that also live on IGTV will give your feed versatility and ensure followers have something to look forward to by hitting follow. Instagram continues to stay a public visual diary that broadcasts out to the world in real-time. Not all video needs to be big-budget and highly produced. Audiences are starting to prefer more authentic and scrappy video content to connect with your brand. Revamping your Instagram grid is an important exercise for all business owners and a fun lead into the New Year! Could some of these strategies change in a few years? Possibly. But until then, we're here to help you plan and stay ahead.

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As the New Year fast approaches, it's always good practice to re-assess your Instagram Grid. Here's how to revamp your IG for the upcoming year.

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